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A short, elementary, interactive introduction, for absolute beginners:

Two excellent sites with links to many others: // everything you might ever want // a wiki-based go knowledge base

Thousands of self-grading interactive problems, very addictive 8-):


gnugo, (

a free go player program with an ASCII interface but others can give it a user-friendly graphical interface.
One such program is the Java-based

gGo ( gGo is also able to connect to IGS, the Internet Go Server. This is probably the first go server, it has been in operation since at least 1995. At any given time there are hundreds of people playing, watching others play or waiting for a game. You need register -- this is free -- in order to play, but you can watch games as a guest.

Probably the most popular server is KGS (Kiseido Go Server).
You'll need the free Java-based client called cgoban2 to connect KGS
Since KGS is newer, many features are much nicer than on IGS.

A nice little program to start playing on a 9x9 board: igowin (, the free little brother of Many Faces of Go. It adapts to your strength by first giving you a large handicap and decreasing it as you get better.

I think it's best to start with and perhaps watching a few games on IGS or KGS. (You can watch games as guest on both.)

Another server that I like: the Dragon Go Server. This one is for slow games. While IGS and KGS is for real time games, a typical time for a game being 10 minutes + 25 games / 10 minutes byo-yomi per player, here the default time is more like 30 or 90 days and appropriate byo-yomi.

And finally, one last server not only for go, but other games as well: the little Golem.

Let me know if you find this page useful or you have any suggestions. You can reach me at gbohus at yahoo.(you-know-what-comes-here).

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